DGCustomerFirst.com – Dollar General Receipt Survey

Dollar General is launching a new Customer Satisfaction Survey online at DGCustomerFirst.com and the original website DollarGeneralSurvey.com is not working any more. As long as you have a recent Dollar General receipt, you can go to the website DGCustomerFirst.com to take part in the survey and leave your own comments to this grocery retailer. Once you complete the survey successfully, you would have a chance to win a check in the amount of $500 cash monthly or $100 cash weekly!

How to complete the Dollar General Receipt survey?

First of all, open the above mentioned website dgcustomerfirst.com in your web browser. It will ask you to enter the 15-digit survey code and other required information from your Dollar General receipt.  Click the “Start” button to continue.

Then on the next page, you can answer the survey questions they provide. Your answers will not affect your right to win so that you can leave your true thought about your Dollar General experience.

At the end of the survey, submit your personal information so that you will be automatically entered into the monthly sweepstakes for your chance to win one of three grand prizes each month.

Click here to start the survey now!

Please note: The Dollar General Customer Survey sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the U.S. who are age eighteen (18) or older. It occurs monthly, limit only one entry per person or household each month.

See more rules and details here.

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37 thoughts on “DGCustomerFirst.com – Dollar General Receipt Survey

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    good store cashier went out of her way to help me with a purchase

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    I just want to let you know how much I appreciate our Dollar General Market here in Crossville, Tn. The prices are great compared to other grocery stores. We have about 5 Dollar General Stores here in our little city, but only one Dollar General Market Thank you for our Market.

    Phyllis Shearer Survey Code is 1297-8797-5977-183

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    store was very clean they greeted me as i came in the door and helped me find what i was looking for, at check out they asked me if i found everything i was looking for great caring people acted like they liked there job.

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    Worst experience ever at store #12853 due to a key holder named Meesha. She was rude, hateful, had a serious bad attitude. Her worker was late and she was there by herself, and she took it out on everyone (customers) that were there. It was 5:15 pm and no one was in the store. She was outside and when she came back in told us all we could either deal with it or go to another store; didn’t matter to her either way. I told her to press F4 (for EBT) she said NO, its F3 and you need to pay your cash first. I explained to her, that no I didn’t I use to work for DG and I knew the procedure. She said WHATEVER, WE’LL DO IT YOUR WAY AND YOU WILL SEE YOUR WRONG! Of course it went right thru, my way and she said I didn’t have to be rude. I asked her name and she told me MEESHA and another customer said someone needs to complain on her, and I said your right, I will. She said go ahead, you’ll be the first and last one to complain about me. I did not speak another word and got my change and food and left. A customer outside that was in when she was rude, said That wasn’t right how she talked to you. And they stated they were making a complaint also. If she is ever at this store again, you will lose me as a customer, and probably others.

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    I am on a fixed income and Dollar General is the best place to shop for Senior Citizen’s.
    I love shopping at Dollar General for I can find all that I need there instead of going 15 miles to the nearest grocery to shop.
    I love Dollar General and happy that they are builing one only one mile from my house.
    Thanks a bunch.

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    Dollar General is my kind of store. The employees go out of their way to help you.
    I can always find what I want here.

    Thanks Dollar General

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    I have two receipts that I tryed to enter in the survey, and it says that someone in my household has entered the surveys already, up to three .that’s bs cause no one in my household would do that and I haven’t answered any dollar general surveys in a long time.crazy

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    coupon did not print due to printer problem which is now corrected can you resend coupon ? Survey code 161152175980484

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