– Culver’s Store Receipt Survey

Now Culver’s desires to hear from its customers in order to maintain its service and food quality, so they encourage its customers to give some feedback through internet. Every customers can help with their survey, and will be offered great deal for the next visit. You just need to have a recent Culver’s receipt to enter the survey.

How to take the survey?

It’s a very simple procedure to finish the survey online.

First, click the following link to get to their website:!

Second, type in the 3-digit restaurant number showed on your receipt. Click the arrow below to get started. Then answer all the survey questions regarding your recent Culver’s experience.

Finally, just fill in the survey according to its instructions and you will get a validation code in the end. Remember, you need to have the code to redeem your offer on your next visit.

Click here to enter survey now!

About Culver’s:

Culver’s is a relatively young restaurant chain compared to others, such as McDonald’s or Hardee’s. Although it doesn’t have that long history, it has become a very popular fast food restaurantaround the U.S., especially in the Midwestern United States. By August 2014, there are almost 520 restaurants in the U.S..

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    Pretty much always satisfied at Culver’s. But the casher asked if I wanted my receipt, to me that should be automatic.

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      Don’t complain about something so minor.
      There are many, many other problems.

      If you need a life, go volunteer at the
      homeless shelter.

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      We are satisfied Culvers customers since they arrived in Brainerd, MN!! We are NEVER disappointed in either the food or service – that is why we continue to be customers!

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    Our first visit was awesome, the food was delicious. I ordered the Reuben Basket and my husband ordered your famous hamburger ( the double). Your French fries were so good. Didn’t get to try the Ice cream, but plan to come back and try that. We were shocked that a fast food Hamburger place had 57 different flavors of ice creams! That will be a big hit with our beach tourist this summer. So glad to see you are having such big crowds. My husband loved his hamburger (and he is hard to please) . We are natives of NW Florida, I was born and raised here, My husband was raised in Panama City. We were tickled to see you open up here in Navarre, Culver’s is several steps above the fast food hamburger places we have here along Coastal Hwy.98. I include Pensacola, Gulf Breeze., Ft. Walton Beach and Panama City. I tried your survey and it would never let me fill in the day I visited. Which was Thursday and I tried the date 7/02/15 and it still would not accept it. so I gave up on it. Since it was our first time eating there, I really wanted to fill out the survey.

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    I have tried three times and with different sites and am unable to leave comments for the survey. Have to wonder if something is wrong with your website.

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    had lunch at your store with friends from out of town. We were all happy with the food,service and staff. We will return soon my favorite hamburger ever

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    Whatever you are paying your advertising company is not enough. They made an ad that had my mouth watering for your northern walleye and fries combo. I am originally from Michigan know a thing or two about walleye and other fish. The piece of “fish” was 3/4 breading and MAYBE 1/4 fish. What kind of fish, I have no idea. Needless to say, I will NOT be back.
    BTW – the service was very good and the fries were tasty……

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      #22180 00554 1803 1470

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