– Bojangles’ Receipt Survey Guide

Do you have a recent Bojangles’ Receipt? Would you like to enter the Bojangles’ Customer Experience Survey? If yes, just check out the website, then you can leave your feedback about your recent Bojangles’ experience and receive a discount offer for your next purchase.

How to complete the Bojangles’ Receipt Survey?

To start the survey, you should enter the Bojangles’ number, date and time of visit, check number found on your receipt.

Then answer all the survey questions regarding your recent visit to Bojangles’. It will take a few minutes to complete all the questions.

At the end of the survey, you’ll get a validation code that can be used to redeem the offer shown on your receipt.

Click here to start the survey now!

My Review of Bojangles':

I know you can only expect so much from a cheap fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits are actually pretty good for you. You can also get low-fat and low-carb options (such as flat bread) and non-sandwich options lure in health-conscious diners. In all, you can enjoy your good affordable meals at Bojangles’ restaurant.

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    First time there it was deffent but it was good. pretty fast love the box’s great for carryout.

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    Love the chicken and biscuits…… fact I love everything at Bojangles!

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      The service was great

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    My husband and I love Bojangles. The new Pulled Pork Sandwich is so good. Good service and good food.

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    Recently stopped for the first time for a country ham biscuit. It was good and the drive thru was much faster than most places. Been back several times recently.

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    Stopped by first time for a country ham biscuit. Very good. Drive-thru moved quickly.

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