– Arby’s Receipt Survey

If you visited Arby’s recently and have a Arby’s receipt at hand, just visit the website or now and follow the instructions to complete the Arby’s We Make It Right Guest Experience Survey, then you could receive 10 chances to win $1,000 cash prize daily. Plus you could instantly win other great prizes valued at $1,500 weekly.

How to enter the Arby’s Receipt Survey:

To enter the survey, you should provide these required information from your receipt to get started: Restaurant Number, Date of Visit, Time of Visit, Amount Spent, Type of Visit.

Then on the next page, you needs to answer all the survey questions they provide to you.

It will take you a few minutes to complete the survey. But it’s worth. At the end of the survey, you will be entered into The Empathica Daily Sweepstakes and Empathica Weekly Sweepstakes automatically.

Sweepstakes Prizes:

One prize per day of $1,000;

Three prizes per week, with each prize of $500.

Please note: The promotion is only valid for legal U.S. residents who are aged 18 or older.

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Review of Arby’s:

Arby’s roast beef sandwich is best. It’s something different then the same old damn hamburger. And the sauce, tacos, curly fries are also great! In all, it’s worth for your money. If you want to save more money on your foods purchase, remember to redeem the following coupons and special offers.

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Arby’s Printable Coupons – 2 Can Dine for Only $10.99, Bacon Cheddar Curly Fries for $4.99,2 Beef ‘N Cheddar Sandwiches for $6. Just print them and redeem in-store.

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    I have been enjoying Arby’s chicken sandwiches since 1980. Sure miss those poppy seed buns! I would encourage the headquarters to inform their staff nationwide that when the Arby’s coupon says that you’ll get “Any Sandwich FREE” with the purchase of a meal, it means “ANY SANDWICH”! There is often a Regular Roast Beef Sandwich pictured on these coupons, but it doesn’t limit your choice to that sandwich when it says “ANY” across the top of the coupon. If I am wrong, I hope someone from Arby’s headquarters will let me know because I have really felt like I was dealing with a problem when I was denied the option of the chicken sandwiches that are my favorite meal item! Thanks!

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      It already says any sandwich… if you don’t know what “any sandwich” already means then i dont know how they can make it more simpler.

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    Went to the ElDorado Kansas store #7552. Ticket # 20028. Three adult orders and I child. Ordered two curly fries and one potatoe cake. Please note if you order potatoe cakes they are made fresh when you order. I finally went up to the counter and had to ask for our order which had been sitting on the warmer long enough the tray was hot. It was not the potatoe cakes we were waiting on it was the fries. My potatoe cakes were lukewarm if that tells you anything. Usually they are so hot I have to eat my sandwich before I can eat them.

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    Restaurant was very clean, im a regular and just love it here!!! The staff are awesome!!!!

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    Tahlequah Oklahoma Arby’s On 2/26/2017 at 12:27 pm receipt # 40039 I went threw drive threw and ordered it roast beef, ham melt, 2 market fresh Reuben meals med one with potatoe cakes one curly fries. Dr pepper And My. Dew And 2 small curly fries . spent 24.88. When I pulled up to drive thru I think the worker had been talking as the last customer drive off because as I rolled down my window I heard ooooh. Like the end of hello. I sat looking at menu a little while and then asked if they were ready to take my order. I ordered and had to tell the worker twice no I was not finished ordering. I finished pulled around payed and pulled up to get my meal. We got our drinks and waited about 5 min to get our food and during that time I watched as the workers all moved around the kitchen seeming rushed, confused and disorganised. When we did get our food I pulled forward looked in my bag and found that I was not given my 2 small fries. And this happens I know but now I had to pull in park and take my two small children inside to get our fries. At the counter the customer in front of us was telling the cashier that they had not received their fries as the cashier noticed us with our to go bag and asked me what did you not get? The cashier quickly gave me my fries and apologised .So this was not my worst visit to a drive thru but not a great one either. Not sure if new people were being trained or if it was just an off day. But I was not entirely pleased with the service today. Thank you.

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    Thought I’d try the new brisket sandwich at store #1414 in Robinson Twp, PA this evening. Having been in the hospitality industry myself previously for many years, I can always tell when the people putting a food item together are really trying and when they’re not. This brisket sandwich was a very greasy disappointment and poorly constructed. Much to be desired between concept and execution for this item.

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    I recently dined at your store #7568, and was extremely pleased with the service.
    The workers there were Ashley…Sara… Isaiah… and Jalen. They were all very enjoyably pleasant.
    They were fast with filling my order, and remarkably congenial.

    It was a delightful experience, and I would be remiss not to mention my satisfaction with such a memorable occasion.

    Thank you for hiring such competent workers who deserve recognition.

    Benjamin Graham-

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    As a regular visitor of Arbys in Aiken SC, had my first problem there today. The fast food places here have all gotten really bad lately in their drive-thru’s, except Arbys. That’s why I go there a lot, plus the chicken tenders are the best there is. I ordered 2 sliders and a milkshake today during Happy Hour and got disappointed. Being allergic to cheese I said “no cheese” on the 2 sliders and they have never screwed that up like so many others around here. However, when I got home, there was nothing on the chicken slider at all but a piece of chicken. No mayo, no pickle, nothing. Since I got no cheese they could have asked me “want some mayo and lettuce on that”? Same problem with the roast beef slider, nothing else on it, and there was VERY LITTLE MEAT which was unusual. I took a pic but there’s no place here to attach it. I added mayo and lettuce to both of them when I got home and they were very, very good. These places wonder why their customer base is decreasing and this is why ! Some places even want to charge extra if I add lettuce since there’s no cheese, which is ridiculous. Do they think I am that stupid?

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    I was at store #5269 in Omaha, NE and I had the nicest young man greet me to take my money and give me my dinner. His name was Trevor. He was very gracious, courteous, and a plus for Arby’s. We need more people like him working in all of the stores. Thank you, Trevor, for your help.

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