– Arby’s Receipt Survey

If you visited Arby’s recently and have a Arby’s receipt at hand, just visit the website or now and follow the instructions to complete the Arby’s We Make It Right Guest Experience Survey, then you could receive 10 chances to win $1,000 cash prize daily. Plus you could instantly win other great prizes valued at $1,500 weekly.

How to enter the Arby’s Receipt Survey:

To enter the survey, you should provide these required information from your receipt to get started: Restaurant Number, Date of Visit, Time of Visit, Amount Spent, Type of Visit.

Then on the next page, you needs to answer all the survey questions they provide to you.

It will take you a few minutes to complete the survey. But it’s worth. At the end of the survey, you will be entered into The Empathica Daily Sweepstakes and Empathica Weekly Sweepstakes automatically.

Sweepstakes Prizes:

One prize per day of $1,000;

Three prizes per week, with each prize of $500.

Please note: The promotion is only valid for legal U.S. residents who are aged 18 or older.

Click here to enter the survey now!

Review of Arby’s:

Arby’s roast beef sandwich is best. It’s something different then the same old damn hamburger. And the sauce, tacos, curly fries are also great! In all, it’s worth for your money. If you want to save more money on your foods purchase, remember to redeem the following coupons and special offers.

Latest Arby’s Printable Coupons & In-Store Special Offers:

Arby’s Printable Coupons – 2 Can Dine for Only $10.99, Bacon Cheddar Curly Fries for $4.99,2 Beef ‘N Cheddar Sandwiches for $6. Just print them and redeem in-store.

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    Why isn’t the arbys phone number on the receipt? I ordered the French dip sandwich, got the drink, but where are the curly fries? Store 6597 on 6-2-16.

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    Great food and friendly service.

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    I was at arbys #1505 in bremerton,wa. today 6/3/2016 at 4:09pm I was order #695 where i bought 1 loaded Italian sanwich at the drive thru my problem is my cashier:Debra P. tried to skim me of the change. my total was $5.42 I gave her 20.02 expecting the change of $14.60 back well she gave me $13.60 back I said wheres my other dollar she like she new said oh and gave me 4 quarters back.meaning she probley ran out of $1.00 bills and was not willing to give me the extra change.and i’d probley would not count it and drive off. skimming happens a lot around here expecially at jack in the box. around here. i would like to trust your employees.but now i have to count every time i eat out.or just go to the places that dont skim.

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    We were at Arby’s 1786 in Butler, PA, order # 321. I had ordered the Crispy chicken. The only thing edible was around the edges. The middle was so tough you couldn’t
    chew it.

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    I ordered a lunch meal at the Arby’s unit 1612 in auburn ma on 02/21/2017, was pleased to announce that the place was not loud neat tables clean floor and very comfortable and accessible/roomy to the public great place to eat food was well cooked and the worker’s were great. Thank you Kelley good job cashiering and my transaction was fast and accurate and appreciated the time you took to explain the few different things about the great new sandwiches, and also thank you for your time to the manager Philippe I got the time to share with you about my visit. Thanks, I will recommend coming here to others, Ed. :) A+

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    Went to the Cudahy location unit #0498 in Wisconsin for the first time today. The women working was extremely rude when taking our order. I ordered a French dip and she didn’t give me the au jus. Um…that’s what makes it a French dip. We also asked for regular BBQ sauce, which I’ve gotten at other locations. She yelled at us and told us Arby’s sauce is the same thing, which it isn’t. So we clarified that we didn’t want Arby’s sauce and wanted regular BBQ sauce. She gave us nothing instead. Awful customer service by her over the intercom and then didn’t even give us what we asked for. Waste of my money. Never going back to that location. It was at about 4:45 pm central time. I know it’s probably busy then, but at least be nice to your customers or double check orders. I’ve worked in the service industry, and she definitely needs a talking to.

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    I knew I was in trouble when I ordered four different sandwiches and got one single napkin. The fish sandwich was as hard as a hockey puck ~ inedible. The bun on the Buffalo Chicken sandwich was so hard you could crumble in the palm of your hand. The potato cakes were cold and hard. This took place at Arby’s #0266 in Lakewood, CO. That was a waste of $25.

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    The Wauseon, Ohio Arby’s has the best customer service! Love eating lunch there!!

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    At west mason Store in green bay i wanna thank the kind young lady Ana for her freindly service in drive threw thanks for being such a wonderfull cheerful smile to pull up to give you props girl keep up the good work

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    Please dont take away yor fish sandwiches u guys have the best fish sandwishes in the industry. None of that tiny square fish stick on a bun crap. I was told that it was a limited time thing. They are hands down winners and please continue to provide them for us “not meat all the time” people. U could charge any price 4 them an i will still buy them. Take a poll and im sure u will find many others that agree.

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